Ismail Douwas for Bahraini folklore


Established in 1935, Ismail Douwas for Bahraini folklore, which preserves the continuity of Bahrain's ancient art, remains a legacy for generations to come. A new generation of young people is eager to follow the footsteps of their ancestors and complete the march with all their energy and creativity. Now the band continues to lead the process with brilliant young individuals who are skilled in all the popular Bahraini arts and who consider these popular tunes as part of their lives. They do not hesitate in showcasing the authentic Bahraini folklore and blending it with the traditional, contemporary and modern generations of music. These young brilliant individuals have been also instructors in various local and foreign music institutes And the fact that Bahrain is the richest country in the world in the number of lyrical arts (we have 45 types of music). All the members of the band were keen to perfect them and intensify the exercise and teach the young people to prepare a new generation skilled in the Bahraini folklore like their ancestors.


Phone:+973 66959496