Brief Profile

Established in 2005, Leaves was the brainchild of Faequa Bastaki. Following her extensive travels abroad to Europe and the United States, Faequa detected a gap in the Bahraini market for carefully curated Weddings. A need for event planning services was born due to a high demand for wedding planning, bridal shower and baby shower planning. Leaves have since expanded its portfolio of services to become one of Bahrain’s foremost-dedicated event planners. We take care of everything from A-Z with Plan A, B and C in case of any external circumstance – rain, hail or shine! We are proud to be the premier luxury wedding planners in the country; catering to families, couples and brides-to-be across the GCC. With our extravagant setups and floral arrangements that are complemented with our uniquely themed and customized décor and chocolate arrangements. We do initial consultations with our clients, understand their budgets and their inspirations as the young couples today are very in tune with what’s in and what’s not – using Pinterest as an inspirational moodboard. We definitely add our own personal touches to the events and ensure that their special moment is made extremely memorable and precious. We tend to do a lot of weddings, engagements and baby delivery celebrations for affluent families in the country and have built a loyal customer base over the years that extend to various generations of a family. There are highly confidential and high profile events that are exciting to work on – be it at the palace or at outdoor venues. The grandeur of such events motivates us to think of innovative and creative themes that are culturally inclined but also modernistic and fashionable. Leaves is box of surprises. We’re always keen to innovate while also being highly supportive of our local economy and proudly sharing our culture through our work. All items sourced for our weddings and events are done with care and precision because we aim to outdo each event that we have created and are never complacent. Our only competition is with ourselves because we believe in improving constantly and consistently.

Leaves Weddings

Weddings mark the start of a life of two people joining each as one. Leaves allow couples to live an unforgettable experience by mixing fresh flowers, color and romance. Leaves Weddings are about transporting the guests to an unforgettable magical experience. From contemporary to traditional, wedding flower arrangements can be used to brighten the ambience of the celebration by focusing on little details such as the bridal flowers, hair flowers, corsages, buttonholes, reception flowers and more. There are many different possible wedding flower designs and themes nowadays which couples are exploring including rustic, vintage and art deco themes. This year we have begun to do more leaves and leaf textures than the ordinary flowers where greenery will be seen in place of abundant wedding flowers. Flowers will certainly never go out of style, but this year they may have to move over for bright and beautiful leaves. A return of color, and greenery especially, in lieu of the all-white wedding was noted virtually across weddings. Arrangements used to fill a ceiling with drapery; flowers or even floating orbs will add a sense of wonder, creating a beautiful and long-lasting memory. Suspended greenery installations elevate your wedding from ordinary to extraordinary and Leaves has the expertise to facilitate the same. Adding garlands, delicate vines and leafy branches to create floral chandeliers and center stage backgrounds which adds color and creates an elusion of higher ceilings therefore giving the space uniqueness, freshness and beauty extending to the expression of the dream island wedding. Leaves Weddings combine flower ideas, style and personality with experience and flower artistry to ensure that your wedding day is a day to remember. From creating personalized contemporary wedding bouquets to sophisticated flower designs, Leaves Weddings delivers dreams of a perfect wedding. Florist experts use their wealth of knowledge and expertise to transform clients' floral requests and requirements to unique, beautiful and innovative designs.

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