Nadia Zaid Beauty is a beauty salon for a qualified Makeup artist with 9 years of experience in the makeup industry since 2008.

Our makeup technique is unique and differs from what is available in the market, we focuses on accentuating the best facial features and making them more beautiful, instead of changing a client’s face into someone unrecognizable. My motto is ‘every woman is beautiful in her own way, and simplicity is the key to define her.

Some famous celebrities that Nadia Zaid have worked on include GCC actresses: Ameera Mohammed, Ibtisam Abdulla, Buthaina Al Raisi, Alaa Shaker, Noora Al Blushi , Shaila Sabt ,Abrar Sabt, Shatha Sabt, Shaima Sabt, Haifa Hussain, Zahra Arafat, Al Mahra, Nassrah Al Harbi Haya Al Qassim & Sabreen Al Borshaid.

Our services:• We offer professional makeup to our clients (normal, special, bridal makeup)

• Pro hairstyles for normal and bridal

• Massage therapy

• Nail spa services

• Wax, threading, haircut, hair colors, hair treatments

Company Name: Nadia Zaid Beauty

Phone: +973 17002565