Zahra’a Al-Mousawi

Zahra's Vission

Zahra'a has been brought up in a rich culture where artistic thoughts are embraced. As she grew older those thoughts turned into plans and soon were distinguished by designs representing her passion for fashion through colors and fabrics. The combination of life spirits experiencing joyful, painful, heavenly emotions has exposed the flavor of her style desire.

Every scope is a learning step in life, where you always have to keep continuing throughout the frame of destiny to achieve all your aspirations.

Fashion is a Magical World, never judgmental!

Design lines:

Creating a fairytale gown for an unforgettable night

Traditional with a modern Twist
Celebrating World’s Variety of flavored cultures.

Practical! The signature double wearable Abayas and trendy Jalabyas.

Evening Dresses
Custom made Dresses, Matching the client’s occasion, Body shape, Character and Budget.Designed Just for her!

Seasonal Collections
National & International occasions represents a special involvement of fashion resembling the perfect culture at the right time.

Occasional Shootings/Bazaar Designs
The attraction of unique ideas always influences surprising designs and talents within you, for that reason, it is good to refresh this memory from time to time to present an extraordinary experience to surprise your audience.

For your questions:
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Instagram:  passionfashion.bah

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