Brief Profile

Established in 2005 by Fayka Bastaki, Leaves has created quite a name for itself; from the intriguingly named chocolate mushrooms to the customized packaging for special occasions, this Bahraini chocolatier and event planning boutique has caused a stir around the GCC. As there were limited options, let alone local/regional options for customized premium luxury chocolates and arrangements Leaves entered the market and created quite the impact. Fayka Bastaki’s vision was to create premium, contemporary products, and services. Its regional success is opening up new opportunities to export the brand to its neighboring countries before franchising globally. Leaves has managed to create a strong foothold in the Kingdom of Bahrain as well as successfully elevating our network to other Gulf States – (Jeddah) KSA and Qatar with further expansion plans in the near future to Dubai. As part of the expansion plans the concept store ‘LVS by Leaves’ was introduced to Bahrain City Centre in September 2015. LVS offers specially curated arrangements and boxes that customers can pick up from an easily accessible location at a moments notice.

Leaves Chocolates

We enjoy adding personality to everything that we do and our relationship with our customers is one of warmth and is culturally rooted. We reflect this within our chocolate creations especially the premium collections – Fajer, Hessa, Noora and Fatima. These chocolates have been inspired by the tastes of four wonderful women who are dear friends of the family. The company already reached a revenue milestone of BHD 1 million in 2008 and attributes its success to coming from a strong family foundation. Its popularity stems from the scrumptious chocolates presented beautifully to excite every adult and child. The signature Leaves Mushroom has been an overwhelming success since it’s introduction in Bahrain in 2013 – garnering continued praise across the GCC in Kuwait, the UAE and KSA. Our Chocolate Chef whipped up this magical creation and we’re so pleased that it has earned fame locally and regionally. Its special hazelnut cream filling with the harder outer shell is what pleasantly surprises the customers who expect a hard chocolate. Leaves is box of surprises. We’re always keen to innovate while also being highly supportive of our local economy and proudly sharing our culture through our work. Our chocolate catalogue is constantly evolving and we have our own chocolate facility that allows us to produce items locally. We don't import raw cocoa as we are not a bean-to-bar facility. We do however import blocks from the most prominent suppliers in Europe. Hence our chocolate has a unique taste that is hard to replicate. We always provide our customers with top-notch quality products and services. At Leaves we don’t believe in selling or manufacturing anything that we wouldn’t buy ourselves.

Phone: +973 17599055

Email: tanya@leavesbahrain.com

Instagram: @leavesbahrain