About Visit Bahrain

Visit Bahrain’s mission goes far beyond accommodating travellers and offering them unforgettable experiences in this stunning Middle Eastern Paradise. Our goal is to open the gates of Bahrain to the entire world, crafting a compelling storytelling around its unique mix of heritage and innovation. To do so, Visit Bahrain collaborates with passionate service providers and travel partners, offering breathtaking accommodations, various entertainment options and engaging and diverse activities, all flavored with the essence of Bahrain. Also the sightseeing tours created by Visit Bahrain take travellers through Bahrain’s most intimate and exciting stories to incite, amaze and entertain.

Promising to live up to the highest expectations and stay true to the essential Bahraini experience, Visit Bahrain also enables visitors to reach out to everything they need (and more) for holding their wedding in this dream location. By partnering up with the crème de la crème of wedding planners, fabricators, hotels, resorts, restaurants and entertainment venues, Visit Bahrain can oversee that your dream wedding is executed to perfection, on a dream island.

A Dream Wedding in a Dream Location

Pristine beaches, serene waters, stunning landscapes and luxurious venues that ooze elegance. These are just a few of the backdrops your wedding could unfold to. And Visit Bahrain can assist you and facilitate all the logistics to help you get the wedding of your dreams. For you to have the ultimate wedding experience, Visit Bahrain can connect you with the right vendors to ensure stunning transportation and accommodation. We can also point you to some of the best entertainment options that fit your style and with your guests well taken care of, all you have to do is enjoy the moment and, of course, Bahrain.

Fly to Bahrain in Style

The team at Visit Bahrain will assist the top wedding planners to streamline the preparation of your entire event by facilitating the logistics, including flight arrangements and visa procedures. Be sure you will arrive in style and are treated like a VIP, because your wedding is, after all, a very important event.

Special Accommodations for Your Special Day

Let Visit Bahrain leverage its partnerships with the leading hotels and resorts in Bahrain to get you the best deals for you and your guests. We believe that great accommodations don’t only concern the sleeping arrangements, thus we hand pick partners who can pamper you with full packages of services that are aimed to relax and thrill you.

The Perfect Wedding Venue

Whether you dream about a beach wedding or an elegant affair on the premises of one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, our partner wedding planners will book the perfect venue for your big day. Together they’ll help you recreate your dream wedding in reality as a fabulous event that will surpass your expectations.

Don’t Get Pulled Down by Luggage

Having your wedding at an island destination means you’ll have a lot of stuff to bring with you, even items you hold very dear or are very precious. Don’t stress about a thing! Visit Bahrain will connect you to the most secure and on-time cargo services to have all material delivered safe and sound to your door steps of your hotel in perfect condition!

Move at Ease

Prior to your wedding, you’ll most likely want to focus on your big day, with no other issues interfering. And having a way to move across the island, when you want and for how long you want, is essential. Visit Bahrain owns and operates a fleet of vehicles and can arrange the logistics for you and your guests. You can choose from an array of vehicles, all intended to offer you the highest comfort.

Enjoy Every Minute

The best part in having your wedding abroad is that the excitement of the ceremony will be doubled by the wonderful discoveries you’ll make here. With novelty at every step, you’ll feel your heart pounding even more. Visit Bahrain will leverage its know-how & partners to offer you and your guests a selection of entertainment opportunities prior to the wedding. Visit Bahrain will also assist wedding planners in handling the artist guests for the entertainment on the big day; no matter what your style might be. From adrenaline infused activities, to shopping, traditional events, craft workshops and much more.

Discover Your Bahrain

If you want to really impress your guests, Visit Bahrain can help you take them on an amazing tour that will reveal the heritage and modern drive of the Kingdom, in a unique way. Visit Bahrain’s charters will take you across land and back in time to wrap you in stories that still ring true today. One can think of no better way to start your newlywed life than with a sense of wonder, amazement and gratitude.

Visit Bahrain is your gateway into discovering the wonders and mysteries of Bahrain. Through its stellar local know-how and expertise it can help you plan amazing trips and, assisting top wedding planners, even your special day.

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